Crypto Investment Club


The DeCap Future investment club will invest primarily in a diversified basket of cryptocurrencies and tokens using passive and active trading strategies, and, secondarily, fintech startups related to the decentralization and democratization of finance/capital. Our annual return target is 30%. The portfolio allocation will roughly look like this:

  • Passive crypto (long): 35%

  • Active crypto (long/short): 10%

  • Bitcoin (active trading, arbitrage, & options): 35%

  • Blockchain/Fintech angel investments: 20%


Tre Baker will be the primary manager of the fund, but may also allocate some funds to other managers who have complimentary investment strategies. Major decisions regarding fund allocation, special circumstances, dividend payments, and tax strategies may be subject to a vote. The management fee will be a standard 2% of AUM (assets under management) and 20% of the profits, calculated on a quarterly basis.

All profits will be reinvested until total AUM reaches at least $250K, after which quarterly dividends will be paid based on a simple majority vote. Regardless of the outcome of the vote, individual members can choose to re-invest their dividends.

We will be using TribeVest as the platform to organize and manage the club (payments, voting, documents, etc.), which will be established as a Georgia Limited Liability Company.

Current Holdings

Start Date: 7/1/2021

Return on Invested Capital (as of 10/1/2021): 18.34%

Strategy Allocation (%)
Modified CoinDesk 20 Index 19
Active Trading Portfolio (CoinDesk DeFi Index, BNB, KCS, DOT, TEL, VET, HYDRA, AR, HNT, ADA) 22
Crypto Options 33
FinTech/Blockchain startups 24
Fiat (USD) 1