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In The Black 2050

a model for Black economic leadership in the 21st century

by Tre Baker

Requirements for Economic Empowerment

Economics in Service of Culture

The purpose of an economy is to advance a society and that society's culture, not simply to create efficient methods of managing supply and demand.  Everything from deciding what African language will be the official language of Africa for business and government, to developing African-centered education institutions, and strengthening the Diaspora's role in the African Union, has to do with using economic forces to advance a cultural agenda.  For too long, African wealth has been used to advance non-African cultures.

Organizing Human Capital

People power an economy.  To truly achieve maximum potential a society must organize it's people to achieve general and specific economic goals.  The Black community has been economically disorganized since integration virtually destroyed the Black business community.  Large Black organizations (non-profits, churches, fraternities/sororities, professional associations, etc.) already have the human capital we need to implement a sound economic strategy, they just need the leadership to focus the resources at their disposal more effectively.

Organizing Financial Capital

The statistic about the Black community having over $1 trillion in buying power is used often, but not enough attention is focused on how to organize this potential source of wealth beyond simply "buying Black."  How specifically do we redirect a majority of those dollars into Black businesses and the Black community?  This takes an organized, coordinated effort and visionaries with the knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual maturity to lead the charge.

Using Economic Power to Gain Political Power

Politics is a form of economics, deciding how to divide and control a society's resources.  Gaining economic power gives a group access to real political power, which, once gained, can help reinforce and support the economic power base.  There are plenty of examples of previously marginalized groups using economic power to gain political power.  Domestic and international strategies are needed in a truly Pan-African effort .

Funding African Centered Education

Ironically, I doubt anyone writes a book about Black economic development actually expecting the book to be economically successful.  However, a portion of any profits, however meager, that are made from the sale of this book or any consulting work that comes from it will go towards The Black Travel Foundation, an African Centered non-profit that helps reconnect Black youth to their African roots through cultural immersion and rights of passage programs in Africa and the Caribbean.

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