CEO Companies

Nope, not Chief Executive Officer.  Think again.

I was pondering the other night, like I do, and I came up with a term for the kind of companies I would like to see built in the Black community.  We should all be familiar with Co-ops and Employee owned companies by now.  A CEO company is a marriage of both.

Community & Employee Owned Company

Within the chapter in my book on domestic strategy, I discuss the kinds of businesses that should be set up in our communities and how to fund them.  This is just adding further clarification.  The point is to stem the tide of gross wealth inequality and unleash the vast human potential contained within our communities.  In 4:44 Jay-Z asked, "What's better than 1 billionaire?"  And Beyonce replies, "Two."  The correct answer is 1,000 Black millionaires, which still equals a billion dollars but spread out in more hands.  With 1,000 Black millionaires that actually know how to use money and care about Black people, we can change the world.  Jay-Z is unlikely to do so on his own because he's just one person.

European cultures view wealth inequality as a natural result of "human nature" operating in a capitalist society.  They also act like it's a hard problem to fix.  It isn't.  All inequality is cultural with no basis in any static natural order.  It doesn't have to be this way, and with the proper shift in mindset, the solutions are obvious.  CEO companies present one possible solution we can begin implementing now.  

What we really need are Black software developers and finance professionals to come build platforms that allow us to easily create and fund these companies.  I would personally invest in and help build such platforms.